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SC3 is an innovative sealing system that creates a water and oil repellent coating for windows and windshields; moreover, it reduces dirt deposits and limescale formation, for improved road visibility. SC3 is easy to apply: in a single use, its hydrophobic film is resistant to repeated washing and alcohol-based wiping liquids.
DIRECTIONS FOR USEDecontaminate glass from limescale using DS with the aid of a clay bar, in the most serious cases use a glass polish. In case of car wash waxes, clean with D2. Apply SC3 evenly over the entire dry surface and spread using a microsuede cloth, at first with vertical movements and then with horizontal movements. Wait 1 minute and wipe with a dry microfibre cloth until no more streaks remain. You can reapply another layer after 20 minutes to strengthen the effect. The product is fully activated after 7 hours.

In our opinion:

We tried the product on our glass curtains in our apartement.

It was easy to use.

After the first big rainfall in September (in Sucina, Murcia) we've seen the result.

The window we didn't treat with the Glass Sealant was much dirty than the windows we did treated.

Also when it rains on the window you see a massive diference. The water repellent function worked very good. Great to see.

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