#N0_Odors of  #InnovaCar by #FraBer



N0 is a fast and effective #odour_eliminate_treatment with #enzymes, specifically formulated to eliminate the #smell of #food, #tobacco, #urine, #animals, etc. 
It is also the essential product for every #wash_after_cleaning_interiors or #mats to prevent the formation of unpleasant odours generated by water or moisture. Also thanks to enzymes, its unique technology, breaks down organic residues that cause unpleasant odours and its special molecules are “reactivated” in the presence of moisture to give the feeling of an environment that is always hygienically safe.


Odours are mainly on fabrics, so we recommend spraying the product especially on mats, carpets and fabrics. Evenly spray without saturating the fabric, allow the product to penetrate without using brushes or cloths and wait for it to dry. For persistent odours we recommend a second application after the surface has dried. In case of intervention on hard surfaces such as plastic, we recommend spray the product and wiping with a cloth.
Unscheduled cleaning: with odours such as milk and urine, which have been absorbed by the fabric, make sure the product penetrates completely and evenly in the fabric, wipe with a damp cloth after 5 minutes.


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