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looking for resellers/onlineshop


Yes, indeed.
It is a long time we posted something on the webblog.

We started to distributing in Spain the new line of Fra-Ber car care products. Namely InnovaCar.

After testing the products intensively we where confinced that this car care range realy did what they suposed to do.
(sorry for my english, but I trying, no? :-) )

The main factory in Italy makes the products and tested themselfs.

No wonder that these products are very good.

We life in a very warm country, South of Spain, Murcia. We need products that are envirrable friendly and easyn to work with. Also the prices range must be perfect. And it is.

Fra-Ber Italy knows we are a company that has a expiriences of more than 25 years as a professional detailer.

They want us to distribute the InnovaCar Car Care product range in Spain.

In Spain there are a lot of products on the market, very cheap but don't do what they promissed.

Customers who buys InnovaCar are over the top enthusiastic. They don't want anything else…

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