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Paint Correction Systems in Spain

Steve Vde has been active for 25 years as a professional high end detailer of new and used cars, classic and vintage cars. Where others often stop, he goes many further into detail.

Open now: Paint Correction Systems, Sucina, Murcia, Spain.

* Paint Correction
* High Class Detailing Package
* New Car Detailing Package

* Headlight Restoration
* Polishing Cars /Nautique
* Leather Color Restoration
* Ceramic Coating
* New Cars, 2nd Hand Cars, Classic Cars, etc.
* Online webshop car care products. InnovaCar, Fra-Ber, 3D HD Products
* Detail Academy Murcia
* Training Center InnovaCar and 3D car products

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Professional Detailer Since 1992

Tel: +34.658.734.733

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Also owner of Pure Porsche Detailing

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