100% Degreasing 500 ml, #InnovaCar by Fra-Ber


What is 100% Degreasing?


100% Degreasing is a fast and effective multipurpose degreaser with an antistatic effect, when there is the need for a vigorous cleaning of the engine compartment, rims and tyres, flies, rubber mats and plastic surfaces. Its unique formula without sodium hydroxide, EDTA/NTA and phosphorus has a strong and yet gentle degreasing action on precious materials, also thanks to the latest generation surfactants of vegetable origin.

100% Degreasing has a strong chelating effect to thoroughly clean rims and metal deposits, plus a colloidal formula consisting of molecules with a hydrophobic head and hydrophilic tail in order to promote penetration and better remove oil and fat without using aggressive substances and preserving the original finish of the surface.


Unscheduled cleaning of engine and rims/tyres: spray the product on cold surfaces and leave for a couple of minutes. Then use a brush with nylon bristles to brush the treated areas and rinse, or rinse only with high pressure water for non-stubborn dirt or when touchless cleaning is required.
Cleaning internal hard surfaces: remove dust and dirt. Evenly apply the product directly on the surface, use a paintbrush with soft bristles and if necessary help yourself with a brush to remove stubborn dirt. Wipe a soft damp microfibre cloth to remove the product.
Routine cleaning of other parts: dilute the product 1:1 by spraying directly onto the surface and then wiping with a microfibre cloth, first a damp one and then a dry one.


Do not apply the product on hot surfaces, on particularly delicate surfaces we always recommend testing it on a hidden part before use.


100 ml/machine indoors. 150 ml/machine outdoors.



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